Changing Technology to Meet the Needs of Your Business

Technology has been rapidly changing the telephone system and the Telephone Answering Service (TAS) since the birth of the Answering machine. Aamcom has adapted to and integrated these technologies to provide better service to our customers and developed new opportunites along the way.

Our Services

Inbound Call Center | Outbound Call Center | Dedicated Call Center Services | Professional Dispatch Services | Survey & Customer Contact | Virtual Receptionist | Event Registration | Order Taking | Auto Secretary

Inbound Call Center

Your customers are integral to your success and each of their incoming calls is vital. They need to connect to your organization and your services when they call and you need to be accessible. What happens when they call all at once, after hours or very seldom and need a live human being to answer the call? That is where Aamcom comes in. These calls can be answered by us if you are understaffed, out of the office or during a promotion with the phones ringing off the hook. We are always ready to answer the call anytime and on your behalf ensuring we get the response you need.

How: You simply add in our number as another extension or forward your line to us and we can dispatch your special technicians, notify management in special circumstances or simply relay the caller or message to you. We can even access your customer network and verify account information. Contact us to learn more.

Outbound Call Center

You need to verify the contact information of your past clients and also need to contact your potential new customers to let them know you are ready for their business. You have a phone book ready to go but you have to attend to your normal business duties. Aamcom can help contact your clients and verify their information and engage new customers to use your services. We will make calls on your behalf on or off site and confirm and deliver the information you need. We can provide the leads you need to grow your business.

Dedicated Call Center Services

You have a variety of calls coming in to your business and have staff and call volume fluctuations. You want to maintain the service level your customers expect and need backup when the call load spikes. Aamcom can back up your call center in seconds and allow you to operate at the required service level. Just forward your lines to Aamcom during staff meetings or when you are short of operators and we can answer the calls and provide the requested information. We allow your business to function when you can’t get to all of the calls and we answer on your behalf as your customers expect.

Professional Dispatch Services

It’s late; all of your employees are home and probably sleeping. Most of your clients operations may be churning along third shift as usual. But something happens and they need to get a hold of the right division of your organization and get the correct technician to their trouble, immediately. Rather than calling every number in the directory, they can simply call your company maintenance line that Aamcom can answer, detail the issues and dispatch the proper technician in minutes. Your customer’s headache is shrinking, your tech is on the way and you can sleep soundly knowing Aamcom is taking the calls!

Survey & Customer Contact

Want to know how your clients perceive your service? Want to get updated information from your old clients? Get a crystal ball or have Aamcom contact anyone you wish. We call on your behalf to inquire and check on their level of satisfaction and/or update the records. There is a difference between guessing and actually knowing how your clients feel about you and Aamcom can be your crystal ball if you need.

Virtual Receptionist

Home offices for you and your employees? And are you scattered throughout the region as well? How does anyone get a hold of this virtual office? Aamcom can provide a live agent who can answer and transfer calls for your business. Your clients will not know the difference and you can trust they are being taken care of by a skilled live agent.

Event Registration

Organizing a large regional or national event? Need operators to answer the calls when there are issues or questions? Aamcom can provide the online registration and back it up with live operators. Or if you wanted to do it old school, Aamcom can do everything over the phone if you desire.

Order Taking

Testing out new products, not sure if they will be successful? Well, Aamcom can provide simple order entry and take payments for your company. We can assist your company in taking new product orders and allow your organization to focus on the proven products.

Auto Secretary

Auto secretary is a service that will answer your calls immediately without any hold time

  • Allows your incoming callers to reply to a basic 10 question template that you can customize to suit your business needs
  • These calls are then distributed to a live-operator for emergency dispatching, or can be held as a routine voice message
  • Dispatching can be accomplished via text-to-cell, E-mail, Alpha Page, Numeric Page, and SMS (Short Message Service) which is a text messaging service componenet of the phone, web or mobile communication systems
  • We also give you the capability to update your On-Call Schedules 24/7 either by web or by phone