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About Us

AAMCOM, LLC has been helping organizations meet their telecommunication needs since 1953 with the highest quality professional operators and customer service available. As an award winning 24/7 call center, AAMCOM, LLC, which is an acronym for All American Medical Communications, was originally established as a call center that primarily served companies in the healthcare industry. Since then, AAMCOM, LLC has grown substantially and has broadened its clientele to include small disadvantaged businesses, certified government contracts, property management, e-commerce, technology, finance/insurance, marketing/media, legal and charitable non-profit organizations.



AAMCOM, LLC’s award-winning expertise has established them as the preferred choice for businesses answering service needs. AAMCOM, LLC has been recognized for multiple awards from organizations such as the California State Assembly, California Chamber of Commerce, City of Redondo Beach, the California Public Utilities Commission as well as several industry organizations.

The AAMCOM difference: Our people and our values
Reliable   |   Compassionate   |   Empathetic   |   Knowledgeable
Courteous   |   Generous   |   Positive   |   Engaged

and Accuracy