Automated time services to give you more time to run your business

Automated Time Services


Do you need to verify the contact information of your past clients? Are you ready to contact potential new customers to let them know you are ready for their business? AAMCOM can help. We can contact your clients to verify their information and engage new customers to use your services. We will make calls on your behalf to confirm and deliver the information you need.


AAMCOM is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to adherence to a set of security standards that were developed to protect card information during and after a financial transaction.


AAMCOM has toll-free numbers available.


IVR applications can range from auto-attendant calls to full-blown order entry or prescription renewal calls. It can also be utilized to call your patients or staff to remind them of appointments or events, classes or whatever message needs to be delivered. For example, patients can call their healthcare organization to reach a doctor's office, register for classes, renew prescriptions, provide notifications of equipment failures and so much more.


Send us your on-call schedule and we will add it to the database to pre-schedule the on-call contact. You may also benefit from our Web On-Call Scheduler to edit or add on-call information at any moment.


When disaster strikes, AAMCOM will keep your business up and running. A call forwarding feature will allow you to forward your calls, even if your power is out.


TTY/TDD simply put is Telecommunications Device for the Deaf. This is a device which is plugged into a telephone line so the deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired (and others) can type up to 30 characters and carry on a conversation rather than by voice. AAMCOM provides this interface so all calls can be handled.


AAMCOM understands that in today's business environment it is important to offer bilingual and translation services to you and your callers. We are pleased to offer bilingual (Spanish-English) answering service and on demand translation services for over 200 languages available 24 / 7 / 365.


This feature provides the ability to create multi-party conferences of up to 64 parties with or without operator involvement. Multiple Conference Bridge ID's can be pre-defined, allowing every staff member to have their own unique Conference Bridge. Conferences can be secured with a Moderator password. Moderators can choose to record each conference with the resulting WAV file e-mailed to the moderator.


Commonly referred to as call transfer, call relay, or call forwarding service, call patching is a feature many of our customers need and we make it easy to configure. The feature will allow us to complete a warm or cold transfer to connect you with your client. Our operator will drop off the line, making the Call Patching feature private.


We will dispatch your messages according to your customized instructions. We will make dial-outs to your home or cell phone at the agreed times to relay messages.


As an extension of your company, we will partner with you to customize a script tailored to your needs. Based upon the complexity of the script, there will be a one-time set-up fee.


For healthcare organizations, securing patient information is required by HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Encrypted Messaging is a secure messaging network for healthcare providers. Not storing messages and PHI in the Cloud eliminates your security risk. Only the intended recipient can decrypt messages. Your entire archive of messages, documents, and PHI is under your control, not your vendor's.

We have a very robust IT infrastructure in place at AAMCOM. If we were to experience an outage in the area, such as an earthquake, all our calls would be re-routed to either our Sacramento or Baja offices. Our clients will never have to worry about not getting calls.