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While nobody really wants to use the D-word, cities, military agencies, schools and emergency responders are increasingly aware of the need to plan for disasters. Large-scale disaster drills test planning protocols and available resources against a variety of scenarios.

As medical knowledge advances, its technological infrastructure becomes increasingly complex. Systems rely upon and interact with one another. Such sophisticated systems, in addition to their many medical benefits, require their own support network with a related but separate knowledge and personnel base.

Every business is a customer service business. It doesn’t matter if you’re manufacturing widgets, servicing airplanes or running a healthcare system—it’s all about customer service.

Small businesses make a big impression. Nimble, entrepreneurial and often able to manage on a "shoestring" budget, small businesses give creative and hardworking people a way to test new ideas, introduce new products and services and fill significant gaps in the marketplace.

To your callers, the person who answers the phone IS your company, whether that person is sitting at the reception desk, out in the field or working at a call center that handles your phone traffic. Every time your customer calls, their experience on the phone influences their opinions about your business.

When an infant’s behavior changes or a child’s fever spikes, a parent has several options: call the doctor, bundle the child off to urgent care, call a friend or family member for advice or start looking for information online. Of course the parent may also choose to treat the child without outside help.

Every time the phone rings, you put your business, and the well-being of your customers, into the hands of the person who answers the call. From the perspective of the caller, that person IS your company.

They might be a caller’s six most-dreaded words: “Your call is important to us.” The caller knows the next words will deliver the bad news: “Please continue to hold.”  If your company is still fielding calls through an operator or receptionist, here are some talking tips that can improve your relationship with callers.

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