Additional Services

AAMCOM’s following services can be personalized to accommodate your business needs so they are suitable for your specific business.

Priority Ring

Do you need your phone lines answered immediately? Priority ring will place your client’s calls on top of the cue.

Order Taking

If you are testing out new products, and are not sure if they will be successful, AAMCOM can provide simple order entry and take payments for your company. That will allow your organization to focus on the proven products, and leave the rest to us.

Customizable Reports

AAMCOM will provide reports customized for your business based on your requirements. We will send your reports on a schedule that you prefer; daily, weekly, monthly or at times specified by you.

Virtual Secretary/ Receptionist

Home offices for you and your employees? Are you scattered throughout the region? How do your customers reach you at your virtual office? AAMCOM can provide a live agent who can answer your calls in your business name and transfer the calls to you. Your clients will not know the difference and you can trust they are being taken care of by a skilled live agent.

Auto Call Forwarding Confirmation

AAMCOM can provide an automated system scheduled to confirm that the call forwarding feature has initiated. Each call forwarded is answered in your business name, extending your hours to all hours.

Message Dispatching via SMS, WAV FILE or Fax

AAMCOM can get the message to you immediately via SMS, WAV or Fax.

FolLow-Me Dispatching

Follow me dispatching provides the ability to route calls based on a client’s current status; such as a cell phone or at home.

Event Registration

Organizing a large regional or national event? Need live operators to help registrants with questions or issues? AAMCOM can provide the online registration and back it up with live operator support. Or, if you prefer, AAMCOM can process the registrations over the phone with a live operator.

Perform Surveys

Would you like to align with your business partners? AAMCOM can perform surveys on your behalf to check on their level of satisfaction and/or update the records.

Appointment Setting

AAMCOM has the ability to set appointments based on your availability; make reminder calls and even schedule follow-ups. A customized report will display the scheduled appointments.

Holiday Live Operator Coverage

Our dedicated staff is available during the busy holiday season giving you peace of mind during the overwhelming times of the year.

Learn more about these services

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